Sponsor a Project


OID sponsors a number of different projects and programs in the communities where we work whether it be in Jamaica, Bekwai or Ethiopia. Our aim is to foster sustainable development in these communities by improving access to basic education programs, skills training, vocational education for disadvantaged and underemployed young women and men. From time to time, we also receive requests from talented migrant college students seeking funding assistance, but we are unable to help due to our funding constraints.

We are all keenly aware that access to quality education, health, and economic opportunities improves the status of and enhances the community.

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you can make a contribution to one of more of our programs. Your charitable gift will go a long way in promoting the education, health and well-being of many needy people. And, donations can be designated to a specific project of your choice.

While we encourage you to donate any amount to a Project or to the cost of a health mission, it is important to note that we seek long-term commitments from individuals and corporation. Accordingly, there are four sponsorship levels, defined by donation and in return benefits of sponsorship


Project: Help Fight High Blood Pressure in Jamaica

  • The Facts: 25% of Jamaicans 15-74 years old are estimated to have hypertension

  • Areas Affected: Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Thomas, St. Catherine, Portland, St. Mary, St. Ann, Westmoreland and St. James, Hanover, Trelawney, St. Elizabeth, Manchester & Clarendon

  • The Jamaican Mission: Needs money to buy blood pressure cuffs, and screen clients at every health care center for hypertension

  • Print a flyer "Fight for Blood Pressure Machine," to display.


Project: Build Community Resource Center

  • Mount Hannah Resource Center (f/k/a Donalva Community Center) (video), Westmoreland, Jamaica.

    OID helped to build Mount Hannah Resource center from the ground up. Workers in the community contribute their labor and skills to this project. The building will be outfitted with a state-of-the art library, a computer center, and a skills training center for typing, woodwork and home economics. Adjacent to the community center will be a sports facility. Items needed include: gently-used library books, computer equipment, and sporting supplies and equipment for the sports facility. We have made significant progress with the project. We are please to announce that this past summer (2010), the center hosted its first summer reading program for 36 children. The program was held for 2 weeks. One parent said her child never wanted to be late and she wished the program was more than 2 weeks. At the completion of the program, the children were given certificates, a case with pencil pen and ruler. With your help, we can expand on it next year. Learn more.






Project: Classroom Restoration; Sponsor Schools Programs; Vocational Training Programs

  • Somerset School: Manchester, Jamaica

    OID in collaboration with other community groups in the community helped to establish and outfit this computer center, which is attached to Somerset School. This effort was led by longstanding OID member Vecas Gray who is an engineer by trade.



  • Moore Town Basic and Primary Schools: Portland, Jamaica

    The schools are located in Mooretown, which is a Maroon Village founded in 1739 after the signing of the Peace Treaty with the English. The community of Moore Town was founded by the legendary Grandy Nanny, now a Jamaican National Hero--the greatest Maroon leader ever to set foot on Jamaican soil--from who descended the most notable line of families in its population.

    The first phase of the restoration has begun. The paint was purchased for the facelift of the Primary School, and community members will do the painting. The next phase involves the renovation of the Grade 1 classroom. That will involve repairing and making desks and benches and school supplies such as reading books and other educational materials.



  • The Okyeso Catholic School, the Cape Coast Fishing Village, Duakor, Ghana

    In 1980, the Okyeso School was started in a shed where 20 children sat on coconut branches. The school was subsequently moved to the village of Dunkor where it is currently located. There are approximate 800 people living in Duakor, which is a fishing community. They settled there from the Volta Region of Ghana about 45 years ago. The villagers live in mud houses that collapse during heavy rains. The majority of the community is illiterate. US$50 per year covers the cost of a child’s uniform, lunch, tuition and school supplies.



  • Sponsorship of Beauty Supplies Jamaica

    Mrs. Sharp runs a vocational training school. With OID's help, several students has been trained in housekeeping in preparation for employment in the Hotel Industry. This program was conducted with the Heart Academy of Jamaica, an institution that is run by the Jamaica Education Department providing vocational training for students over the age of 17.


    Twenty students were trained and certified at Mrs. Sharp's school to work in the Hotel Industry. The Principal, Mrs. Sharp, has now requested assistance in conducting a cosmetology program at the school with the Heart Academy. She plans to train another 20 students. The materials used are lipstick, nail polish, foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil. eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer, mascara, makeup brushes, curling iron, hair brush, comb, hair straightening comb, rollers, tweezers, mirror, compact power, loose power, face cream lotion, nail polish remover, emery board, cuticle remover, buffer, file, scissor, cotton balls, baby oil - nail kit - , Q-tips, eye brow pencil, sharpener, blow dryer, mannequin head. For further information, you can contact the principal, Mrs. Sharp, at 876-404-8370.

  • Shahshamane, Ethiopia

    Provide financial assistance for needy students to attend school. Between 1952 and 1974 approximately 22 families from Jamaica migrated to Shashamane to take up the offer of the land grant. In 1975 the Derge Communist government nationalized all lands in Ethiopia including the land grant. A small portion was later returned to the early settlers which has since grown to become one of the largest African—Caribbean community in Africa today.


Project: Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Initiative

  • Cari-Talk Adolescent Healthcare Initiative, Northern Clarendon, Jamaica

    The program is being spearhead by Sharon McLean and is designed to strengthen communities in rural Jamaica with health and education programs that support healthy sexual and reproductive lifestyles as a means to prevent teen pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS.P



    Project: Malaria Nets to Save Lives; Refurbishing Operating Room

  • Tamale Community Hospital, Tamale, Northern Ghana

    A child dies from malaria every minute. OID is working with the Tamale Community Hospital to outfit some of the wards with nets. OID will also be assisting with the refurbishing of the operating room.